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"I can't afford to pay the people I want to work with. So how am I ever supposed to sort my shit out when the very services I need are totally out of my price range?"

Sound familiar? I felt like this for many years and I still feel passionate about accessibility.

My daily Lives are an answer to this frustration.

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These Lives are kick-ass powerful. People keep telling me they're using what they learn to transform their lives. All by themselves. Yeah!

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  • Enjoy the beauty of my garden when the sun shines, and my crystals when it doesn't

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Making changes, finding alignment, changing energy

Maddy has only been working with me for a comparatively short while, but with her help and guidance l have been able to start and make changes within myself, that have helped me say yes to the things/people that line up with me, no to those things/people that don't line up with me, and change the energy that l have within me to achieve these things.

She understands exactly what is going on with me and guides me to do the right thing for myself. Maddy is the right teacher/mentor for me at the right time, and has helped me so much to align, I'm so glad that we came into contact, the best thing to have happened to me. It was meant to happen and it has.

    ~ Julian Churchill, United Kingdom

Practical, real and authentic

I have been following and knowing Maddy for over a year, and I just LOOOOOVE her take on manifestations. She makes everything look so easy (as it is), and still gives practical advice on how-to-do. Besides that, I find Maddy has one of the biggest capacities I've ever met on manifestation ... unlike many others she walks her talk, and to me, it's very important to be real and to be authentic. AND all of this is wrapping around a personality that is so wonderful. Caring, loving, empathic, laughing and so joyful.

    ~ Jesper Strange-Rasmussen, Denmark