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would you like to support my body of work?

It might not seem like much but when many people contribute small amounts there is wonderful stability. Which in turn allows me to take flight.

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Depending on your circumstances contributing isn't for everyone.

But if you can and you do ... with peace in your heart, because you really want to, and for no other reason ... something powerful happens.

You align yourself with abundance. You open yourself up to receive more.

You say to the Universe:

"I have more than enough to share and to spare.

I absolutely know I have more than enough for everything.

No matter whether I can see it or not."

In your giving you make it so.

It works like this for me too.

Choose a Facebook Coaching Exchange option below. Click the link to visit PayPal and set up a small monthly payment.


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Please click the sun to set up a US$1 per month subscription. Then Messenger me to say what you want your monthly payment to be and I'll change it in PayPal to make it so. I know it's a fiddle but this is what I have available. We can do everything when we co-create together!

Thank you!