maddy's recommended services

Here are some of the most trustworthy, talented and helpful people I know. One way or another they have been of great service to me, and I am happy to personally recommend them to you.

Dr Tessa Jones - Karanga Health Centre

Functional medicine and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement. Tessa's work undergirds my ability to function in life and in my work with ensyth. I am very grateful!

Dr Richard Cheyne
Cheyne & Sissons Chiropractic - chiropractic and applied kinesiology combined with thorough knowledge of bio-chemistry and neurology. Can't imagine where I'd be without him! 04 237-7711

Mark Combes Massage

Myofascial trigger point release, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, whatever ... he's helped me maintain my body since 2000. He's competent, uncomplicated, appropriate, gentle and effective. Call 027 363 6650 or 04 586 1637.

Lois Ollivier - Feldenkrais Practitioner
Rave rave rave. I can't speak highly enough of Feldenkrais work in general and Lois in particular. She's another part of the reason I move and live with ease in my body now. 04 589 9951, 027 601 1858 or

A fabulous website which provides a wide range of quality supplements at low prices. They also respond to emails when things go wrong! Through Vitacost I now pay about a third of what I used to pay for supplements. Much as I like to buy in New Zealand, Vitacost's economies of scale mean it's much more affordable to keep myself well when I shop with them.

If you use my link to create your own account on the Vitacost website, you will get $10 off your first purchase of $30 or more, and I will also get a $10 voucher.

If you want starters for making cultured vegetables, once you're on the Vitacost site put 'probiotic 10-20' into the search box and you'll see what you're after. I get the 200 capsule bottle but there are smaller sizes. They also have a 15 strain probiotic, it just costs more and I've never felt the need to try it.