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ready to manifest the life you desire?

transform your life, simply, powerfully, repeatably


If ~

  • You’re over banging your head against your own brick walls
  • And you want simple, practical, powerful and effective ways to create the life you desire
  • And you dream of being paid to do what you love
  • And you want a mentor and running mate to help you find your own answers and make all this real

Then ~

Manifestation Coaching is for you

manifestation coaching - unleash the power and clarity and truth of You

And what if ~

  • All the stuff you think you need to ‘fix’ about yourself doesn’t need fixing at all?
  • Being able to have everything you want in life has nothing to do with needing to be ‘healed’?
  • You can come to the table warts and weaknesses and all, and still create your dreams?
  • You really can create the changes you want in your life, gently, effectively, at your pace?
  • You can enjoy doing it?

We can create more abundance in your work, your life, your relationships, your health or anything else you desire. It's all connected, so there's nothing out of bounds and you're fully supported however you turn up.

How do Manifestation Coaching sessions work?

You always bring a key question to each session (no matter whether you know what it is or not). What's surprising is how that question takes you in through layers of yourself until you get to the heart of the matter.

In the process you get to see past the forest to the trees, and recognise what's stopping you from creating the change you desire.

Once your question is clear you're also deeply connected to yourself and your truth. Then it's easy to know WHAT you want to do differently, HOW to do it, and most important, that you're free and able to actually DO IT.

Asking a clear question

... is like putting the right search terms into Google. You get exactly the answer you want, except it's not from Google, it's straight from your own inner Source! Then we just work out the practical side of making your answers happen in your everyday life. Finding the question can be challenging but the ‘answer’ part is usually surprisingly simple to do.

Like the sound of this? Get in touch.

How many sessions?

Every session delivers profound shifts, but it always takes more than one profound shift to transform your life.

Hence I ask you to commit to working with me for at least three months, preferably six. Step by step we build lasting change much more effectively than if you just get stand-alone quick hits. This is a commitment you make to yourself.

Is commitment to yourself and your journey ... and me to you ... and you to me ... necessary? Absolutely.

Do I need to lock you into a big expenditure for that commitment to be real? No. I prefer to remove that pressure.

Here are some things I've done in the past, but remember only you can know what's right for you now:

  • Monthly sessions give you time inbetween to integrate your shifts, put them into practice and see what comes up in time for our next connection
  • Weekly sessions work well when when you feel you've got a lot to get through or need extra support for a time
  • Sessions every six weeks give you even more time inbetween for a spacious experience. Longer than this and the thread of continuity is lost.

In short, we agree on what works for both of us, and if things change we flow with that.

How long is a session?

Sessions are driven by you and your process, and time flies!

Your first 1-3 sessions will be 3 hours long like a mini intensive, because we have lots to cover. After that it depends on how much space you have between sessions. If they're 4 weeks or more apart, they'll be 3 hours long. If they're closer together, 90 minutes or 2 hours often works well. Sessions are never an hour long.

Sessions are best scheduled at the end of your day so you can relax afterwards. We cover much ground and you will find you want to rest and integrate afterwards.

What does it cost?

The energy exchange for 1-1 manifestation coaching is US$100 per hour. Keeps it simple!

How do we meet?

We meet on Zoom. If you'e not on Zoom already it's easy to set up a free account, just visit the website and it will step you through.

Will my session be recorded?

Your session is recorded and will be available for you to download and review afterwards if you wish.

Ready for action?



Infinite possibilities available in a completely safe space

Working with Maddy has been truly life changing. Maddy has worked alongside me - holding infinite possibilities in one hand and that which holds me back in the other. All this in a completely safe space that has encouraged me to step forward on my path, in my own power and time.

In her live broadcasts and coaching sessions Maddy conveys universal truth in the most accessible and practical way I have come across. The love vibration on which it is delivered is tangible, and after listening to her I always feel uplifted and encouraged.

I am blown away by the transformations I have been able to make in myself and my life with Maddy's help!

    ~ Kathy Lys, New Zealand

Simple tools and techniques make an immediate lasting difference

... the issue we worked on was not in the forefront of my mind as we started the 3 hour session, yet it has been a chronic issue since I was a child. It is something I have learned to live with, although it causes me unhappiness.

I can honestly say though, two weeks later, that I am noticing a considerable improvement. It's like I'm becoming the person I wished I could have been were it not for this childhood wound.

Maddy shared with me her techniques via PDF so I could practice and I use them almost everyday whenever I am feeling uncomfortable emotions. I am no stranger to healing modalities nor therapy having trained in several (modalities) myself but what Maddy shared with me are some of the most effective I have experienced.

    ~ Lucy Jordan, Animal Communicator and Artist (full testimonial below), United Kingdom

Insightful, fun 'aha' moments and huge positive shifts

ensyth-maddy's sessions are very insightful and fun. I'm really fascinated by the gentle yet playful way Maddy helps you open your heart. And it was an aha moment for me, when she identified the hidden belief and unconscious behavior that was limiting me. I had never expected that would be the root cause. And just the fact of getting in touch with it, made me feel a huge shift in the way I relate to myself and others. Maddy also gives very simple practices that help you see the changes you want. I highly recommend working with ensyth-maddy!

    ~ Moncef Afkir, Host and founder of Your Divine Uniqueness telesummit, Morrocco

Safe to be vulnerable, power to transform

Maddy is a powerhouse of energy and focus and transformation, as well as a loving, caring, beautiful human being following her path to help many. I felt so comfortable to discuss even the most vulnerable parts of myself with Maddy as there is no shame, guilt, fear when you are with her. Anything is possible and she helps you find the core needs that are driving your actions. She has an amazing tool to transform emotional and energetic knots within us that she teaches you and you can then use it whenever issues arise on your own.

    ~ Dunja Radosavljevic, Feminine Intuition and Dream Life Coach, Serbia

Space to utilize full potential

Maddy conducted the session in such an empowering way for me - she allowed me to utilize my gifts during the session, and she only offered guidance when I was unable to see or know something from my current perspective. I cannot express how important it is to connect with Beings that give you the space to utilize your full potential, and Maddy certainly does this with such ease and grace.

I highly recommend sessions with Maddy if you are looking to optimize your existence utilizing your inherent skills, gifts, and talents (even if you don't know what they are yet - most likely you will find out during the session). Maddy's loving, supportive presence and co-creative assistance during the session helped me to unlock a wealth of things I had forgotten, and these "memories" assist me on this infinitely-expanding journey.

    ~ Mary Amantea, fractal artist (see her fabulous work, full testimonial below)

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simple tools and techniques make an immediate lasting difference

It's been a little over two weeks since I claimed my raffle prize, which was a session with the lovely Maddy Schafer. I have waited this long to write because I wanted to experience the long term changes and then comment, as it's the long term changes that really count.

As everyone knows, who has had any kind of therapy, one session is usually not enough to see any real changes, especially after the novelty and initial enthusiasm has worn off and we're back in our real, raw and gritty life. The onion has infinite layers it seems. The same old patterns resurface and we feel disappointed ... well, not so with Maddy's unique and eclectic therapy. She has collected some incredibly effective yet simple tools and techniques that make an immediate and long lasting difference, and I'm sure she has many more tucked up her sleeve.

She is also very tuned in, immensely loving and will be your biggest and best empowerment coach. The issue we worked on was not in the forefront of my mind as we started the 3 hour session, yet it has been a chronic issue since I was a child. It is something I have learned to live with, although it causes me unhappiness. I can honestly say though, two weeks later, that I am noticing a considerable improvement. It's like I'm becoming the person I wished I could have been were it not for this childhood wound. Maddy shared with me her techniques via PDF so I could practice and I use them almost everyday whenever I am feeling uncomfortable emotions. I am no stranger to healing modalities nor therapy having trained in several myself but what Maddy shared with me are some of the most effective I have experienced.

As soon as I can I will be going back for more! I highly recommend Maddy Schafer, and I am super grateful for the having the opportunity to experience her amazing one-to-one sessions.

Lucy Jordan, Animal Communicator and Artist

via Facebook, 29 January 2018

space to utilize full potential

Where do I begin to describe my session with Maddy? I was synchronistically guided to Maddy's website, and I was led to the description of her three hour sessions. I later learned Maddy deleted this section containing information about the intensive sessions from her online store, yet somehow I "found" it - synchronicity indeed!

The session itself was remarkable - I can't find words accurate enough to describe the complexity of my experience. Maddy truly is a tremendous multidimensional guide, and she is a very clear conduit for guidance/messages/energies from the higher realms. Maddy certainly operates at high vibrational levels, and she brings higher dimensional information to the here and now in its clearest essence.

Maddy conducted the session in such an empowering way for me - she allowed me to utilize my gifts during the session, and she only offered guidance when I was unable to see or know something from my current perspective. I cannot express how important it is to connect with beings that give you the space to utilize your full potential, and Maddy certainly does this with such ease and grace.

I highly recommend sessions with Maddy if you are looking to optimize your existence utilizing your inherent skills, gifts, and talents (even if you don't know what they are yet - most likely you will find out during the session). Maddy's loving, supportive presence and co-creative assistance during the session helped me to unlock a wealth of things I had forgotten, and these "memories" assist me on this infinitely-expanding journey. :)


Mary Amantea

25 February 2016

lulled and soothed into harmony and bliss

Maddy, what a gift you are! I listened to track one [of the Relationship Revelations Journeys] for three hours yesterday afternoon and then found the state of bliss it induced so seductive, that I went to sleep with it on a loop. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now I won't go to sleep without it. Every single night since I bought the series, I turn on the One With Love track and am lulled and soothed into harmony with this frequency. When I experience BLISS, I want to stay there.

Thank you Dearest Maddy.


New York, 7 July 2015

Realtionship Revelations MP3s give a useful and real experience

First of all I really believe these [Relationship Revelations] recordings are useful because they give you an experience. Yeah I love myself, yeah I say affirmations, yeah I do all this stuff, yeah I intellectually understand the concept, but these recordings actually gave me that experience.

There’s a lot of stuff out there in the self help industry. But I’ve found that these recordings are specific to relationships, and in a relationship, bottom line, it's self love.

And because I've had this journey and I've come to this conclusion, and then I heard these recordings and I thought ‘Oh my god, it's no longer something that's 'intellectual or in my head, or a concept or a theory, but it actually gives you a practical experience that you would never have.

Anira - Ontario

30 June 2015

plenty of chuckles and implant removal


Thank you for sending me the mp3 of our session.

I have listened to it since - it is a lovely reminder of three hours of insightful conversation plus plenty of laughter. Really I never thought I'd be chuckling for about 85% of the conversation, but it's a good sign: it isn't very often I connect and resonate so well, however because of our respective origins it was literally a gust of fresh air on this planet with its peculiar concepts. It truly was a pleasure exchanging ideas and possibilities - oh, and the closure of that implant device was a blessing and bonus. I no longer have a slight restrictive presence inbetween my thymus and heart centres - I can breathe freely!

I'm enjoying the crystal classes. It is a refreshingly different take on crystal work and just what I resonate with at this moment in time. Crystals have resurfaced very recently for me and now I understand why - there is definitely a connection and I've made a conscious decision to work with them. It may be half way but I look forward to the remaining two classes. Even if I have to stay up until 1am on Saturday morning just to participate. Heeheehee!

A multitude of blessings


United Kingdom, 11 November 2014

pointed back to own body intelligence and wisdom

About half way through your replaying interview I had a nap, I couldn't stop myself. However, I woke myself out of it about half an hour later, but when I got up, it felt like I was swimming through molasses, with a kind of high energy dizziness. I suspected I had woken myself up before 'the work' had entirely finished, whatever 'the work' was. I went straight to bed and sleep.

What I love about your voice going out on the airwaves, is how it doesn't assume authority over anyone, and is always pointing us back to our own body intelligence and wisdom. It's likely revolutionary for many ears, and I can hear some of the callers feeling a little disoriented with Ensyth's response, but I love it.

I enjoy the playfulness and innocence and curiosity that we are invited to inhabit as part our own process. You're big on the words 'co-creative' and I felt the empowerment of that through this call.


Writer, New Zealand, 19 October 2014

directly experiencing the beautiful and loving power of the collective

I experienced such powerful energy  when I was interviewing ensyth-maddy I had a challenging time to just stay inside my own 'limited' consciousness and body.

The ensyth-maddy energy that was speaking through Maddy was so deeply powerful, loving, and brilliant I found myself in a completely different state of awareness. My body felt almost 'holographic' - it was as if I was directly experiencing the beautiful and loving power of the collective. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget and has impacted me profoundly...  

Debbie Fumanti, Host and founder of the Love Your Life Experience telesummit

Minnesota, October 2014

no longer a stranger inside, feeling more connected and recognized

Dearest Maddy Ensyth,

I am feeling so grateful!

During our session it did not take long to experience my own innerspace. Sinking into my body made me feel more safe. My voice was more deep, my thoughts had a clear frame to express myself better even with my limited english spoken language. I really got a very clear feeling about who i am and how i function in the world.

Your love in your voice and your sincerity unlocked such great feelings that i did not feel a stranger inside myself anymore, i felt more connected and even recognized. You offered all the time that was needed to support me becoming the creator of my life. Afterwards a great process continued, your Love was still very present and supportive!! Thank you for who you are and for being in my life.

Warmhearted smile from my heart,

with love,

The Netherlands, 9 September 2014

crystal classes filled with love, compassion, acceptance, joy, intimacy, fun

Maddy's crystal class was one filled with love, compassion, acceptance, joy, intimacy, fun and ever so gently powerful!! Her insights into working with crystals are both straightforward and very perceptive. Sharing the space with Maddy and other crystal lovers was very special for me, I feel that a lot of wonderful energy work took place in the time we spent together. To just be still enough to listen, listen to what the crystals and stones are sharing with us, this has been a great gift from Ensyth/Maddy to us. Thank you. Namaste  Pam

New Zealand, 19 August 2014

crystal class gave voice to own hidden feelings and thoughts about crystals

Maddy gave voice to my own hidden feelings and thoughts about crystals.  I've always thought of them as individual aspects of light, much like us in that many have their own personalities, desires even in some case and can contribute or be hurt.

I've spent years secretly healing crystals/rocks and to hear from Maddy her experiences, gave me hope that what I was doing was worth-while and not crazy!!  She gave me insight and tips that will be invaluable to my working with crystals and rocks and I feel so much more secure in my own knowingness to do so.

I thank Maddy/Ensyth from the bottom of my heart for the deep connection I now feel safe in feeling and look forward to see where this will take me next!!


Canada, 20 August 2014

instant comfort and support in one on one session with ensyth-maddy

Maddy gave her all to support my personal growth and I couldn't be happier with meeting, sharing and working with her and Ensyth.

There was instant comfort in connecting with Maddy/Ensyth and a support that is even now still integrating within me.  I thank you from my entire beingness (which is now friggin huge!!!!) thanks to you.

I would highly and happily recommend Maddy to anyone looking to grow, understand and move from a limited space to one of potential and possibilities.  A huge thank you!!


Canada, 20 August 2014

permission to explore more intuitively, another level of awakening

​I so enjoyed your 4 week program, Maddy.

Crystals are fairly new to me and your program right on time.
The classes, uncomplicated were an open invitation to play and explore.

Your personal const​r​ucts were unlike anything I've experienced. 
Printed off, I could hardly take my eyes off them and it was a treat anytime they were opened.
With an awe, I felt their beauty ​.

The healing Earth construct from our last class was magic:) 
I Know we took part in releasing the collective intentions from class, 
to its core, back up through the feet of the world and then out to the highest I AM heaven to be returned back to us.

Through it all, 
you gave me permission to explore more intuitively with crystals, the exercises to create
our own constructs, empowering. 
One evening in particular,  the pulsing from my desk's construct was unmistakeable! 

Yay, another level of awakening into the All that I am;
...and deepened revelation into our Oneness.

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you some more, Maddy:)
I so appreciate the loving Teacher/Releaser you are.


British Columbia, 20 August 2014

really learned how to connect with crystals

Hi ensyth-maddy

I am very happy with the classes on crystals I attended on the web. I really learned how to connect with crystals which I did not know before, although I was working with them. I didn't know that they might be hurt or not want to participate. Thank you very much for opening me up to this knowledge, I have become deeper with your work.

Thank you very much, I love your work, blessings


SRT teacher and Reiki Master Tteacher, Illinois, 15 August 2014

feeling freer and connecting on a different level to higher self

Hi Maddy

Since I did my one-on-one session followed by the crystal course things have changed so much. I know I am freer and connecting on such a different level to my higher self.

And I want to update you after my trip to Adelaide. We had a wonderful time physically, mentally & emotionally and I feel like while I was there I let go of a lot of old history and energies. I had a lot of dreams of past memories where whenever I was previously left hurt, angry or unappreciated the dreams were reversed, so I feel like I am in a different place now :)

We went for a walk on the last day, to what we thought was a crystal shop, but turned out to be someone's home address who must have been just selling crystals via the internet. So after a 5k walk we started the 5k walk back with sore feet and feeling quite deflated LOL. However on the way back we both had the same thought why don't I do the same - start selling crystal sets online for chakra healing. I then got given more guidance of offering crystal readings online for people!

I also felt like the previous crystal class opened me up to new possibilities - I felt like there was a message behind the crystal layout that I did :) So I'm feeling very excited now about putting together my new venture.

When I got back home I listened to the recording of the class that happened while I was in Adelaide. As I usually do I listened to the replay in the bath(!) and initially I thought I had made a mistake, because when you started working with the crystals I only had my lapis lazuli with me. But as the call unfolded I realised that it was all perfect as I had already done the crystal work while I was in Adelaide!!! Everything I told you above happened on Saturday, and as we were 2 and 1/2 hrs behind, it happened just after the call, around 12.30-1 Adelaide time!

Before I left for Adelaide I left my crystal chakra grid the same as in the photo I sent you. I felt at the time that I was doing it to keep the house healing as I had a friend staying to look after the dog. Now I wonder if it was the beginning of my connection to the group, as well as remembering my link to crystals and my purpose :)

Thanks for coming into my life

Blessings Neets x

New Zealand, 12 August 2014

liberated to engage with life and relationships in a richer and more fulfilling way

For over a year I had been in the process of letting go of a deeply disempowering friendship yet I continued to encounter its oppressive energy and hold over me. I was still entangled within the many past life connections I shared with this old friend, which seemed to repeatedly and debilitatingly play out in my life. 

ensyth-maddy supported me in identifying the path to disentangle myself from this habitually destructive friendship. We then worked very carefully to gently but wholly lay this age old connection to rest. ensyth-maddy facilitated a loving and deeply affirming process in which I was enabled to really honour and nurture myself.

It was an incredibly liberating experience that has paved the way for me to engage with my life and relationships in an infinitely richer and more fulfilling way. I am profoundly grateful for such lucid and potent guidance.


Yoga Teacher, The Netherlands, 12 August 2014

able to see situation from a different perspective and feel free to change

I had a 'session' with Maddy-Ensyth : 'session' isn't the right word at all, it's more like being in the arms of an Angel in another very quiet, very comfortable, very enlightening dimension. You can look at your situation from a different perspective and feel free to change right away ::))

The LOVE you experience during this birth of you is radiant, calming and so deep that no words will ever be able to describe 'IT'.

So your only choice is to go for it : Maddy-Ensyth is an experience you will thank Her-Him and you for having lived together!


Switzerland, 12 August 2014

found peace after 40 years

Dear Maddy ensyth

For years I searched, following, learning and doing all sorts of things to find enlightenment.

Plenty of money I paid, more than I could ever afford. How can I thank you. How can I express my gratitude.

The next day after our nearly 3 hour chat, on the 29th of July my laptop crashed.

And what came into my mind: I have to stop now with all the teleseminars. I Found was I was looking for. I Found peace thanks to ensyth Maddy. My Dreams come true.

It was a more than 40 years search.

Every day I thank you, for helping me on my way


The Netherlands, 5 August 2014

discovered and cleared hidden agreements/beliefs and self-limiting thinking

What a wonderful session with Ensyth-Maddy!

The information we shared was insightful, fun and playful, which helped me truly open to receive the energy and access my knowingness. Together we discovered and cleared hidden agreements/beliefs and self-limiting thinking that have stopped me in the past.

Ensyth-Maddy sessions are fun, the energy is vast and offers amazing transformations. I highly recommend working with Ensyth-Maddy.


California, 16 July 2014

an abundance of energy, information, tools, insight and connection with self

I was introduced to Maddy/ensyth's work on Eram Saeed's From Heartache to Joy Teleseminar.

During the group meditation, I experienced such a deep state of relaxation and peace, that I knew I wanted to know more.

I booked a private session package, which absolutely met and exceeded my expectations.

Maddy/ensyth facilitated such great healing for me, which included offering insight and education on how my body was currently managing energy, identifying and restoring energy inbalances, offering new tools on how to better manage my energy input/output,  suggestions for additional alternative remedies to support my system and a beautiful experience of meeting my divine self.  I am overjoyed and still integrating all the energy work and gifts that I received, and I look forward to the classes on Crystals and a follow up session in a few months.

My deepest gratitude,


Musician, California, 10 July 2014

feeling totally connected inside and out at the same time

From: Julia
Date: Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 4:24 AM
Subject: Maddy Schafer :)
To: Eram Saeed, host of the global telesummit FromHeartacheToJoy

Hi Eram,

I can't thank you enough for having Maddy and Ensyth on your show.  I feel that this is one of the best (if not the best) guests speakers that I have ever heard!

I feel so totally connected, inside and out at the same time.  I feel where the magic is, and how to get there finally!!!   What I really loved about it was how simple and quick it was to be in that space; her meditation was to the point.

I resonated with her in the fact that it took me until the last couple of years to be grounded in my body. ( I am 54, so what does that say....)  I never really wanted to touch down; believing I would get stuck here on this planet, since it wasn't much fun for me growing up.

Also, when I was young I used to just observe everyone how they acted and reacted, like watching a movie.  I was on the outside, and sometimes wondering how they figured it out, on how to be here on earth.  Now I know all of it was for me to learn by, and nothing was wrong with me.

So, thank you again, for reading my email and all that you do by sharing your insights and bringing such amazing, gifted, loving souls to your webcasts.  It is so deeply appreciated - I finally feel safe, loved and the brilliance of God in my being!

Love and A Million Blessings!!!


Artist, California, 1 July 2015

workshop helped to not leak energy or absorb other peoples' energy whilst remaining empathic

My abiding memory of the crystal and energy workshop was that the energy work was palpable and I felt a lot of energy rebalancing.  I really enjoyed the crystal formations as that was new to me and I found that was very powerful as a collective exercise.

I found your teachings clear and succinct, Maddy, and the right amount for the group and the time we had together.

I feel the crystal and energy workshop consolidated my personal work on energy balancing and alignment.  I feel the workshop helped me to focus my energy on my mission and to be aware of where my energy is going.  I feel it helped me to not leak energy or absorb other peoples energy whilst remaining empathic (this has been an issue for me).

I do find when you do deeper work like this it's not easy to put in words what changes you notice; but I have noticed I am more focused, less anxious and less reactive which is a blessing.  The workshop combined with other spiritual practices I do helped with this.


Gloria Henderson

Instructional Designer, New Zealand, 20 May 2014

workshop fun, open, and accepting of everyones experiences, ideas and quirks!

My introduction to Maddy was at a metaphysically orientated fair, we were both stallholders. 

My first workshop with Maddy was fermented veges, I was fermenting veges already, but needed some tips. What an awesome experience. Fun, open, and accepting of everyones experiences, and ideas (quirks in my case!)..

I have always wanted to participate in a crystal workshop. Not sure why, because I have been experimenting with crystals and meditation from quite a young age. Maddy sent out a flier to say she was holding one, just as I was heading into huge change territory. So, I jumped in, boots and all. 

For me a measure of a good workshop is what you got out of it. Well, if I was that way inclined, I would write an equation, instead this comes to mind:


No mention of sanity!

So, this workshop there was lots of ideas thrown around, which was nice, as you didn't have to agree, just listen, take on what you resonated with, and file the rest for later.

I enjoyed the flexibilty of the workshop, and the hands on crystal shuffling exercises. Maddy has a fantastic knowledge base, and a lovely way of explaining her ideas without pushing them upon you. 

The funniest thing for me was how my crystal grids, match and are geometrically perfect. Some weird out there part of my brain was almost offended about the spontenaity of the grids, and sometimes chaotic states. I am now not so "retentive". 

I would happily attend more workshops (no pressure!), and am looking forward to the secret squirrel happenings, unless it is accounting software. Then I will raise my eyebrows, and giggle. 

Piece (of pie) out!


Acupuncturist, New Zealand, 1 May 2014

digestive peace and feeling safe to accept support

I attended Maddy's cultured vegetable workshop about 18 months ago. I have suffered from IBS for many years and was encouraged by Maddy to try cultured vegetables. I had never heard of them before and searched online for more information. I was interested to see if they would make a difference to my IBS, so when Maddy invited me to her workshop it was the perfect opportunity to find out.

The workshop was run in a very professional yet laid-back approach and Maddy provided lots of cultured vegetable samples to try. Not only did I learn how to make cultured vegetables but also learnt things I didn't know about the digestive system. There is no limit to the combinations you can make, and it's so easy. I liken them to pickles but without all the vinegar and sugar.

It’s difficult to say whether they help my IBS or not as I have other health issues that manifest the same symptoms. But I notice that when I eat them I feel really good, don’t bloat and feel full on less food. I don't eat them every day but go through phases where my body just craves them. My favourite is a simple combination of beetroot, red onion, and cabbage. I add this to mashed boiled egg and it’s just delicious!

I’ve also sought advice from Maddy on personal issues. A couple of years ago I saw a doctor (recommended by Maddy) who performed the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) on me and pinpointed the exact age I suffered a traumatic event – sexual abuse as a child.

I’ve seen countless psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and counsellors over the years but had not spoken about the abuse. After the doctor’s NET session, Maddy was next person I felt comfortable speaking to about the abuse. I’m very grateful for Maddy’s help and support.  


New Zealand, 5 January 2014

enabled to take responsibility and see possible paths for the way forward

Hi Maddy

I just wanted to write to you today to thank you for your patience, skill and care in helping me work through a few issues when last we met. Your ability to listen and understand what I was conveying, and then reflect it back to me was quite unique. Your style enabled me to see where I was at, take responsibility for that and to see the possible paths for the way forward. You have a very non-judgmental way of interaction that seeks to understand and reflect back in a way that supports vs condemning, it felt deeper than any counsellor and was certainly a more unique and affirming experience. I now have a deeper understanding of me and where and why I'm at where I am and with that has come clarity to be able to move forward.

I also joined a crystal session you facilitated. Again I wanted to thank you for those few hours, they allowed an understanding of working with energy that you made normal and every-day. The group was at ease and we interacted well even though we were on different paths, and that was down to your inclusive and relaxed teaching style. I now have more knowledge about chakras and working with energy that I use when I feel I need to. You have given me more tools that I can use in dealing with issues when things seem a little foggy.  

My sincere thanks for the one on one sessions with you and Ensyth and with the energy work with crystals. I'll certainly be attending more sessions should you run them.


Project Manager, New Zealand, 27 April 2014

workshop geared towards trusting and allowing inutition to unfold and blossom

I first met Maddy through her workshops which dealt with working with crystals.

I have nothing but praise for Maddy. I find her to be an exceptional teacher, full of wisdom and insight. Her knowledge and understanding of crystals is exceptional. During the workshop we primarily dealt with how crystals and the chakras work and interlink with each other.

Whilst Maddy had obviously worked immensly hard at preparing for the workshop, it also was geared towards trusting and allowing our inutition to unfold and blossom which I really liked. It was one of the best workshops I have been to.

Maddy has a natural warmth and way of making everybody feel comfortable and I loved all her pearls of wisdom. I am so happy that others are getting this opportunity to be introduced to such a special person. I wish her nothing but happiness for the future!


Caregiver, New Zealand, 22 April 2014

dream job arrived 2 weeks after finding clarity in one on one session

I approached Maddy to get some clarity around abundance in my life - issues of time/money/joy.  In her gentle, insightful way we explored some of the blockages I had subconsciously set up for myself.  I was able to come to a point of acceptance that I could be happy with my current situation while having a wider vision of where I wanted to be both in my work and home life.  Amazingly, within 2 weeks of our session I was offered a dream job which brought that vision into stark reality.  I am grateful to Maddy for gently unfolding my thinking so I could create a more abundant reality in my thoughts and actions.


Landscape Architect, New Zealand 25 March 2014

one on one session like a chat with your auntie, a psychotherapy session and a deeeeeep meditation

Hi Maddy,

I've kept meaning to email you since Friday but haven't had the words. Still don't but I'll give it a go.

Thank you so much for the session. It was amazing. Amazing. AH-maaaay-ZING! I've described it as being like a combination of a chat with your auntie, a psychotherapy session and a deeeeeep meditation session. Still doesn't do it justice. I feel like lots shifted at a conscious level and am aware of stuff percolating under the surface even as I type. Just wow.

Deep bows and gratitude to you.

Much love,


Yoga Teacher, New Zealand, 21 March 2013

able to find and uncover own wisdom, knowledge and understanding

Working with Maddy, for me, is reconnecting with parts of myself that I do not otherwise access (this can be unexpected and surprising!).  It allows me to find and uncover my own wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  Every time is different.  Sometimes, it is about reconfiguring energy, and other times the focus is on examining and releasing old emotional patterns, or finding direction and clarity.  Each time, however, I leave with a deep feeling of peace and stillness.  The first time I worked with Maddy I emerged with the most profound and blissful sense of myself and the world that I think I've ever experienced.


Bellydancer, New Zealand, 30 May 2012 

able to take action after being blocked for a year

Dear Maddy,

I really, really enjoyed seeing you and being at the workshop on Friday too. It bought me back to my heart. I felt grateful and lucky to be able to work through the writing fears with your help. The next morning I woke up and set about sending out a manuscript I finished over a year ago to three publishers. I didn't talk about this at the workshop - but it's been something on my list to do for ages and finally I just did it with no dramas.

I've decided that I will go ahead and try doing the re-work on the other manuscript which the publisher is interested in. I've got new words down on paper for the first time in ages. It's still scary but I'm getting back on the horse. I'm doing my best to engage with my higher reasons for wanting to create and disentangle myself from fears about the outcome. So that's a pretty good result aye! :)

I remember I said I would write something that you could use on your website. Not sure how much you would like but here goes:

The workshops that Maddy leads give me an opportunity to strip back layers and get in touch with beauty, truth and what really matters. The environment is safe and supportive. Love and light abounds. All you have to do is bring yourself along and let things unfold....


You can hear how Emma made this change for herself easily and gently in the workshop, in the space of about 30 minutes.

Professional Writer, New Zealand, 24 May 2012

over several years of healing and transformational work, energy body is integrated, healthy and powerful

What it is like having a session with Maddy Schafer? The first thing I would like to say is to expect the unexpected. In my case Maddy provided an opportunity to explore what I describe as the 'energy body' or the body that is connected to the physical-mind body but is also where my 'life force' emanates from.

My journey with Maddy and Reiki began when my life force was disintegrated from many life traumas and my energy body was full of gaps and fissures.  Over several years of healing and transformational work with Maddy, Ensyth and Reiki, I now feel my energy body is integrated, healthy and powerful (in a good way) which has impacted positively on every area of my existence here on earth.

How do you begin putting into words this transformational healing experience that happens during a session with Maddy? First by experiencing a session for yourself and then sharing your own unique story.


Musician, New Zealand, 19 April 2012

shattered core self repaired, gaining understanding, taking charge

‘Get it together’ we often hear. These are the first words to spring to mind connected to Reiki sessions with Maddy Schafer.

Before being introduced to Maddy and her work, I had a series of major shocks in my life that ripped me away from most of the key people in my life, and the experience had left me literally shattered. I could find no core or centre in myself and felt like different parts of me had been blown somewhere ‘out there’.
From the very first session, these parts were gently drawn back and a solid self started to once more emerge. Subsequently, there was a chance to deepen understanding and become more conscious. What is behind events happening the way they do? What feelings are stored in the body attached to certain memories? What motivates certain behaviours? Redefining and refining work could be done, with encouragement for me to engage actively in the process.
This is very much my experience of Maddy’s way of expressing Reiki. That at all times it is a cooperative, collaborative process of bringing about whole-making, balancing, and strength in the individual.
And that gets the big heart tick from me!
Musician, New Zealand, 11 November 2009

consciously choosing to walk unencumbered into destiny

How would I describe the experience of working with Maddy Schafer? It goes deeper than words into feelings and images. In fact, poetry is better suited to describing what Maddy does when she moves, channels and directs healing energies as she works with Reiki.

There is a poem by a fourteenth century Sufi poet called Hafiz that comes close. He says:

For as you talk of God, I see great parades with wildly colourful bands
Streaming from your mind and heart,
Carrying wonderful and secret messages to every corner of this world.
I see saints bowing in the mountains hundreds of miles away
To the wonder of sounds that break into light
From your most common words.

Maddy’s work is not so much about her talking of God to you, but of opening up the space where you can commune with your Higher Self. The parades of wildly colourful bands are the streaming energies unblocked and released as you both work with them. And I can attest to the power of those quantum shifts. In the past year and a half as I have worked with Maddy my life, which was locked in a pattern that I was too close to see, has unfolded and become clear, freeing me to never again be a victim of fate, but to consciously choose to walk unencumbered into my destiny. These are grand claims, but we are talking, when we speak of Maddy, about a woman whose diminutive frame belies the power she can channel. The shifts in perception and understanding of my life situation that happen each time I have a session with Maddy are very much like sounds breaking into light on my consciousness.

This is all done so quietly, and with great humility. There is a calmness and stillness about her that simply say ‘peace’. But there is nothing precious or ‘special’ about Maddy, only something very, very profound. I am constantly blown away by how much depth of wisdom quietly rises to the surface every time Maddy speaks.

Each time we work with Reiki we move into a new point of clarity. The work is absolutely, every time, just what is needed.

So this reference comes with all my love and gratitude and light to you, Maddy. I feel with you as if I have re-found an old, old friend. Ancient and powerful energies pass between us as we help each other break into an even greater light.

Your Reiki channeling is calm, gentle, and quietly powerful—your anchoring allows the person you are working with to come and rest in their powerful core. And that is such a gift of service.

Thank you so much,
Stephanie Pietkiewicz

Brand strategist and storyteller, New Zealand, 12 September 2008

always grounded and centred after a session

Hello my lovely Reiki Master

I met a colleague recently who hadn't seen me since before my hip replacement operation in January 2007. She commented on how delightful it was to see me walking so freely. The memory tends to play tricks and not let us remember the painful times (emotionally or physically). And so I began to reflect on that time, and the time between then and now. And what an amazing part you have had to play in that time.

Your flyer fell out of a bag from a book purchase from Pinnacle books, back in December 2006. Come and give Reiki a try, courtesy of Maddy. I don't usually take up such offers. Anyone who has to give away their services may not be any good! But I soon realised that this was a very genuine offer from you - you just wanted people to experience what you have to offer, knowing they will benefit even if they never come back again. A truly philanthropic gesture.

But I came back, and have kept on coming back. I don't really know what happens, only that I am grounded and centred after a session with you. And amazingly, the sessions come around just when they need to. Of course I don't realise they are necessary. In fact at times I wonder why I am continuing as I drive over to your place. But it's just the times when I think I should stop coming that I realise I can benefit from the treatment the most.

So what happens? Well, you did a marvellous job getting me to let go of my old hip and integrate the new metal job into my body. Boy was that hard! The energy block was huge. But now I wander around as if nothing has happened to my decrepit old body. Almost spring chicken-like. 

And since then there has been lots to let go of, and lots to embrace. And somehow you manage to get it to all fit together. I love our pre-session talks. All sorts of things come up that I don't know are there. When we get into the session, I find you are so in tune with what is happening for me, I think you have a crystal ball and can look into my energy fields. Is that what you do? I have no idea, but whatever it is, it works. I have a background in medicine and physiology, and can picture all the fluid channels being realigned in my body. But what is so stunning is the way the energy blocks get moved on. How do you do that? The doctor in me was not taught anything like this, but I surely believe in it now. 

So please keep offering what you do to as many people as want it. I am looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. I give you warning there is lots going on and lots to balance this time.



Public health expert, New Zealand, 4 September 2008

empowered and involved in the healing process


more relaxed, less stressed, greater clarity