It's finally happening ... I'm leaving the woods and heading for abundant sunshine!

... energy work is dead ... long live energy work!

geranium maderense in spring sunshine

When it comes, long awaited breakthrough is surprisingly unassuming and still unexpected. How can you ever expect that which you previously couldn't imagine?

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It's easy to rewrite your self-fulfilling prophecy once you know what it is!

... frothy flowers on an unusual Buddleia tree in my neighbourhood ...

We are ensyth and we have watched maddy these last few days, as she struggles with deeply held expectation and experience. Realises how she creates all of it for herself, how it is self perpetuating, and how at last, having seen it, she can step out of it. As can you ...

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How I'm finding safety in the inscrutable and delicate pattern of failure and loss

... the glory of nacreous clouds at sunset ...

On 1 July 2014, after 5 months' intense preparation I launched into the telesummit industry. My launch failed. After another year, 3 more telesummit interviews, 2 new packages and a monumental amount of work I'm still failing, and I now consider I have enough evidence to support my decision to stop ...

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How to run long distance Abundance events - and win!

... I got my beloved to photograph a few yoga poses so I could send them to my sponsored child in Kenya, this one is called Full Moon ...

Imagine in the last 7 weeks you've completed what feels like 2 long hard legs of an IronMan Abundance triathlon, and there's still another leg to do. And you know the moment it's over another starter's gun will fire. Because the process never ends, right?

How to keep going? And what's really involved in surviving, even thriving on the journey, and coming out with something to show for it?

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How to find your way when you’re abundantly lost in space

... cloud and contrast at dusk over Newlands, Wellington ... image ...

At the end of March everyone and everything went away and I found myself feeling strangely forsaken and deeply frustrated. Then my body threw a curve-ball which knocked me further into outer space ... and deep confusion. All of which allows me to offer a tool you can use to help navigate your own scary mirror mazes, to connect with your peace and clarity again.

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Three entities, two split dimensions ... and a partridge in a pear tree!

... a moment of stillness dangles in water droplets on dried flax leaves ... image ...

Well actually the line should finish 'a big bolt out of the blue'. But I thought you'd miss the reference to the Christmas song which stands hands on hips and mocks when life keeps arriving, hand over fist, flowing and flooding faster than I can adapt and run to keep up. Or not. Along with the rough and tumble of my last few weeks in the 'river', we offer you a simple explanation of how to gently and safely resolve entity issues, based on our experience...

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FREE Infinite Energy gift from Your Divine Uniqueness

Check out Your Divine Uniqueness and claim your Infinite Energy gift!

Here's a question for you... have you ever been head-hunted?

On 21 November last year I got an email entitled 'I would be so honored if you contribute to my upcoming Telesummit!' It was from Moncef Afkir from Morocco, and he explained he'd been inspired by ensyth and I, and would we like to come on his new telesummit Your Divine Uniqueness, some time between 7 January to 27 February 2015.

I was curious...

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Forget the hard hat – bring on the body armour!

... from one deep healing experience straight on to another ...

Early in October Debbie Fumanti and I shared an interview on From Heartache To Joy. We'd had little time to prepare, but the call was wonderful, the energy rocked and we were both happy when we were done.

And ... sales tanked. That's right ... tanked. And then the next day, just as the implications of the almost absent response were sinking in, circumstances were co-created which triggered another deep healing experience for me. As in, knocked me flat ...

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Change. Massive gee-I-just-switched-out-50%-of-my-energy change. No way out but through.

a peaceful hazy morning, the stillness before the landscape changes

I really thought this month’s blog would be about the changing steps of my time-dance. Instead ... synchronicity hijacked the rest of the month for healing. I’m tempted to apologise for the length of this post, but this process it describes is the deepest experience I’ve had so far in my a-bun-dance journey ...

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The endless beginning has finally ended! So guess what's next?

Many strands weave in and through our lives, chaos reveals a greater order

Maddy sits ready to write and wonders what to tell you. She remembers a month of completions, book-ends, understandings and a couple of extremely deep revelations, but it all seems fragmented. Hard to pull into any kind of story that you might find worth reading. So we volunteered to write... here's the story - the launch is well and truly over but every time Maddy thought it was done it kept on going.

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